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Our Solicitors are Law Society’s quality accredited in Mental Health Law , Immigration Law and Children Law.Their technical legal skills and client service standards have been rigorously and independently tested by the Law Society.The Law Society’s quality marks makes finding legal advice quickly and confidently.


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Mental Capacity and Court Protection

The Mental Capacity Act 2005, which came into force in 2007, allows people to plan for delegated decision making across all areas of their lives should they lose the capacity to manage their affairs.

Mental Health

Here at Appleman Legal, we have a team of dedicated solicitors who are specialised in Mental Health Law.

Family and Childcare

We at Appleman Legal understand the stress and upheaval caused when a marriage breaks down. With our compassion and expertise,we aim to assist you through this tough time as efficiently and smoothly as possible.


For those looking to visit or settle in any country, it is imperative they fully understand the legal framework, and are aware of their human rights. In the UK especially, Immigration Law is constantly evolving.

Commercial Property

At Appleman Legal, we understand that for both Landlords and Tenants, business property law is an area fraught with financial and wider commercial risks. It is essential to obtain expert and reliable guidance to avoid nasty surprises.


Frequently, once a document has been notarised, some further formalities must be undertaken before it can be sent overseas, generally either in the form of consular legalisation (often referred to simply as “consularisation”) or an Apostille.

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