Family and Childcare

Marriage broken down irretrievably?

We at Appleman Legal understand the stress and upheaval caused when a marriage breaks down. With our compassion and expertise,we aim to assist you through this tough time as efficiently and smoothly as possible. We aim to work with both parties in order to minimise stress and prevent excessive court costs.

Financial Remedies

Whilst some marriages can be finalised without the need to split assets, many marriages require the division of assets. This can be a straight forward process if the parties agree, by way of a consent order. However, in the event that parties are unable to reach an agreement often an application to court is made for a financial remedies order.

Child Arrangement Orders

With marriage, often come children. Where the child should reside, contact, along with various other things are very important decisions to be made. Again, we aim to work with both parties to try and reach an agreement. In cases where an agreement cannot be reached we assist clients in applications for an order in relation to their children.

Child Abduction and Cross Border Disputes

Unfortunately, there are occasions where one party removes their child from the country without the other parties consent or knowledge. We have experience in dealing with other countries under The Hague Convention to ensure the swift and safe return of your child.