Joyce Donkor

Joyce Donkor


Mrs Donkor qualified as a solicitor in September 2011. She specialises in Mental Health Law. She provides advice and assistance in connection with Hospital Managers’ Hearings, and CPA/Section 117 Meetings.

Before becoming a solicitor, Joyce worked as a full time mental health nurse in both hospitals and the community. With over 23 years of experience, knowledge and understanding in mental health issues, she has enhanced her ability to provide effective advice and advocacy to clients and to those who may be indirectly affected, such as friends, relatives and those who care for the mentally ill.

Joyce also specialises in Immigration & Nationality Law. She has experience in both in- country and overseas applications to the Home Office as well as appeals before the Immigration Tribunal. She has an interest in cases involving family issues such as children, partners and dependent relatives as well as overseas students and EU nationals who have been in the UK and want to legalise their immigration status.


Area of Practice

• Immigration Law
• Mental Health Law