Bhoopendrasingh Bhogun

Bhoopendrasingh Bhogun

Trainee Solicitor

Bhoopen is an experienced paralegal in our Mental Health Law Department having joined the firm in 2016. Bhoopen advises and assists those detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended by the Mental Health Act 2007) to better understand their fundamental rights as a detained patient.

As a paralegal, he is given the responsibility to meet clients on a daily basis and provides invaluable support to Solicitors in case preparation. Part of his duties include inspecting and obtaining instructions on the clients’ medical records and reports to best prepare for their First-Tier Tribunal (Mental Health). Bhoopen also attends Care Programme Approach and Section 117 meetings to have a better understanding of his clients’ cases and address aftercare and treatment issues.

Bhoopen goes beyond what is necessary to give an excellent representation for our clients and leaves no stone unturned. Bhoopen also attends Hospital Managers’ Hearings as a McKenzie friend.

Prior to entering the legal profession, Bhoopen worked as a Health Care Assistant (HCA) in psychiatric settings in South Essex Partnership Trust (SEPT now EPUT). During his time working for SEPT, he obtained practical experience of the Mental Health Care system in the NHS and developed an excellent understanding of the Mental Health Act 1983(as amended).



Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC)

LPC MSc – Law and Business

LLB Honours - Coventry University London Campus



Bhoopen worked as an HCA between February 2016 until September 2018. He has been working at Appleman Legal from August 2016 until August 2017 as a paralegal. Having successfully completed his LPC, he returned to Appleman Legal in September 2018.


Membership & Accreditations

Bhoopen has attended the Mental Health Accreditation Course. He hopes to be accredited by the end of 2019.