Could your childcare arrangements be breaking the law?

Following the case of two policewomen who face prosecution for looking after each other children, we reveal what you need to know about this little-known area of the law Mums have been shocked to learn that arranging with a friend to look after each other’s children as a friendly childcare agreement could land you in court. This follows the revelation that two policewomen were being investigated as they’d decided to look after each other’s children when the other was at work [...]


What Happens at a Final Hearing in Family Court?

A final hearing will take place to determine the final position on each of the issues regarding the child that have been put before the Court. If an agreement cannot be reached, a panel of 3 magistrates and a Legal Advisor or a Judge will hear the evidence and then impose a judgement. When Will I have a Final Hearing? In England and Wales there is no specific limit on the number of hearings that can happen in a children matter. [...]


What is Legal Aid?

If you need to see a solicitor to help you to sue someone or to get a court order, but you cannot afford to pay your solicitor, then you may be eligible for Legal Aid. The Government provides money to help pay for your case. The money comes from the Community Legal Services Fund (CLS) and is administered by the Legal Aid Agency. You may be entitled to legal aid just to speak to a solicitor and to have a [...]